Changhua County, Taiwan

11-50 employees

Hao Pin Wei Biotech & Food Co., Ltd.

Changhua County, Taiwan

11-50 employees

“Heavy on the palate but easy on the stomach” is always HaoPinWei’s ultimate goal. We provide a diverse range of sauce products, e.g. Sauce, Seasoning Powder, Seasoning Package, Instant Conditioning, Drink.


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Sauce, Sauce Bun, Hot Chili Bean Sauce, Barbecue Sauce, Black Fungus Drink

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“Bread is the staff of live.”Chinese cooking not only emphasizes the color, smell,and taste of food, but also focuses on the honesty, safety, healthiness, and delicacy of the cooked meals that we eat. This is why HaoPinWei is able to maintain the level of quality in our products since the very beginning. HaoPinWei’s motto of “ Honesty, Care, Innovate, Service ” is our guideline in aiming for perfection in quality control,making fine sauces, high quality and tasty products, as well as building a good brand name. Our commitment to quality control brings healthy, tasty, and a wide range of sauces to our customers. We automate our factories, manage our source ingredients, control our production lines, and recruit new talents to guarantee the food hygiene and safety of the products. We provide a diverse range of sauce products to meet market demands, and our recipes are not only practical in everyday cooking but also a prescription for healthy living.

Founder’s Story

It's been over 40 years now. Over decades of constantly improving, HaoPinWei, a series of good chef’s choice sauce, has been giving the sauces a lot more multiple, abundant flavors, keeping renovating and researching, and developing a series of sauce products appreciated by the consumers and fully satisfying the various needs in contemporary ways of cooking as well as the requirements of delicacy of safety.

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