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Apr 12, 2021

Yi-Heng Is Introducing The Irwin Mangos, A New Type Of Mango With An Apple Taste To The Japanese Market

PINGTUNG COUNTY, TAIWAN - Yi-Heng Fortune International Co., Ltd., a leading export trading company that provides fresh seasonal fruit products such as Atemoya Custard Apple, green guava, and FuYu Persimmon. The company will be showcasing its new fresh mango, Irwin Mango with an apple flavor at the upcoming Fruits Festival in Pingtung City between May 1 - Jul 30, 2021 (booth Brix15). The company has partnered with Matsubu for fresh mango distribution while S&W enterprise has used its fresh mango as key cake ingredients. Inspired by the popularity of the Japanese mango brand, “Taiyo No Tamago” (Egg of the Sun), grown in Miyazaki Prefecture, the Irwin Mangos offer a suitable alternative to satisfy the growing Japanese market mango demand. Its trademark sweetness and juiciness has catapulted Irwin’s popularity in the local market. Thanks to the government’s export subsidy for local fruits promotion, many more Taiwanese fruits can now be bought at supermarkets in different countries, as Yi-Heng has also witnessed a 35% increase in export revenue. "At Yi-Heng, we are devoted to providing high-quality fresh produce with traceability data to ensure food safety. We are looking to introduce our products to more international customers," said Evan Guo, Director of Yi-Heng Fortune International Co., Ltd. About Yi-Heng Fortune International Co., Ltd. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Pingtung city, Taiwan, Yi-Heng Fortune International Co., Ltd. is a leading exporter of seasonal fresh fruits. The company is committed to providing a wide range of healthy fruit selection to customers worldwide. For more information, please visit https://yihengfortune.en.taiwantrade.com/. Additional Information: Press Kit download: https://brand.sparkamplify.com/yi-heng-fortune-international-co-ltd-or-taiwantrade ### Media contact: EVAN Email: winsun.light@gmail.com Phone: +886-8-7518273