Taipei, Taiwan

11-50 employees


Taipei, Taiwan

11-50 employees

VERGINALE feminine intimate part care is a daily care product that is 100% soap-free and does not contain medicine. The product undergoes rigorous medical testing and low-sensitivity testing to effectively maintain the health and increase immunity of women’s intimate part.



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Feminine Cleansing, Vulva Cream, body wash OEM

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From Lab to hub The Verginale R&D Center has previously worked as an OEM for international medical and beauty brands. Taiwan has first-class biotechnology production technology. Jojo, the founder of the Verginale brand, believes that Taiwanese manufacturers should move away from the OEM framework and create their own brands and write their own stories with Taiwan’s excellent production technology. Can have a place in the international female care market. Let the world see Taiwan's top biotechnology manufacturing technology. Different from the average over-the-counter products, VERGINALE gathers the wisdom from top doctors and experts in 9 fields, including phytology, biology and medical science. The products undergo years of researchand the highest standard of processing to pamper and care for the health of females through natural plant ingredients. VERGINALE event passed the largest inspection and certificationinstitute, SGS, MSDS test of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Halal certificate, and was even awarded with the National Quality Gold Brand Award as recognition, VERGINALE is committed to professionalism and offers the best intimate-part care products for women today. On a primitive island in the Mediterranean Seas, there is one legend about the ancestors of the natives migrated from Mesopotamia over four thousand years ago. A popular ancient formula mixed of multiple natural plants among the local women was said to promote growth in young girls and moderating female diseases. The local women were said to be charming, curvy and appeared to be perma-youth. The ancient formula has been passed on for thousands of years and was traditionally prepared by the mothers. The mothers will pass on the formula to their daughter before their marriage, to symbolize the valuable dowry of a lifetime happiness given from the mother to the daughter. Such tradition has been passed on for thousands of years. Nine Taiwanese medical doctors have formed a research team and spent 3 years of research on this mysterious ancient formula. Now the formula is presented to the world through the simplest method, so this valuable ancient formula originated from a primitive island could benefit the women all over the world. The ancient passed on for thousands of years has turned into the female product, VERGINALE, after high-tech extraction today, so that women today can enjoy this previous formula from Mediterranean Seas, using the most natural and purest plant ingredients to carefully pamper and take care of women’s health. Alpsface’s worships nature and lifestyle of innocence by producing the development products under the premise of providing safest protection of customers. Alpsface offers green quality products and services to customers and society in the name of love so that beauty does not only blossom in the body but on the land where we live. We create love In Taiwan and Southeastern markets, 2 out of 10 women have used or are using products developed by Alpsface. Aplsface implies professional quality and high-grade pampering for these users. VERGINALE has outperformed peer products since its launch to the market in 2012 and is quite popular among some hundreds of thousands women in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, as well as other Southeast Asian countries, Europe and America. VERGINALE is not only the top selling product of Alpsface but brings female users worldwide with refreshing and sweet life, which even brings the concept of VERGINALE love to the users.

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Provide quick and easy maintenance of female/male privacyDevelop private cleansing and maintenance products suitable for all ages to women/men in all countries Verginale looks forward to redefining private cleansing and maintenance products, making the products fine and lifelike. When buying private care products, you can have a sense of self-identity. In addition, I look forward to becoming the Hermes of the world's major private media as the private maintenance product industry, and writing a new milestone for Taiwan in the field of private maintenance, which can become Taiwan's pride and glory.


Safety if our commitment, Technology is our orientation, Nature is our philosophy.


founder of the Verginale

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