Barcelona, Spain

1-10 employees

Xpeer MedEd SL

Barcelona, Spain

1-10 employees

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About Company

Be the best doctor you can be! Train yourself and earn CME credits in a new and easy way: wherever you are, whenever you want. Let the app personalize the contents just for you. You’ll get the latest topics in all specialties, technologies, professional skills, and soft skills. Connect directly with our mentors. Have a discussion with the best key opinion leaders in the world. Join the community and share/exchange. Be yourself a mentor. Unleash the power of technology applied to Medical Education.

Founder’s Story

What is the most important thing in life? Health. Who is in charge of our Health? Physicians. I have been training physicians for the last 17 years. We are not training them sufficiently. Physicians are trained the same way as 20 years ago. The world has changed, technologies have evolved, but life science is still years away from the latest trends. It has to change. Xpeer is the evolution of medical education. Physicians need the most advanced education, the latest knowledge at their hand. They must be trained efficiently and quickly as to take decisions that can make the difference between life and death. How? Imagine a world where all physicians, regardless of their means or location, have access to the best skills and the best peers. This world has a name: Xpeer. Xpeer, learn from the best, learn from your peers, be the best doctor, be the expert. We build a community where every doctor in the world can participate and nurture common knowledge.

Media Headline

We are launching our medical education app to the world! Celebrating during a VIP party at Barcelona Health Hub in Hospital Sant Pau, Barcelona, Spain. We launch the app to the healthcare community to more than 100,000 doctors around the world

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I want my knowledge to be spread to the maximum number of physicians, as for them to be the best doctors they can be.

Dr. Ampudia Blasco

Endocrinologist, MD, PhD


Daniela Clape

Founder & CEO

Sébastien Bombart

Founder and COO

José Viosca Ros

Chief Scientific Officer

Noel Hernandez

Chief Technology Officer

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José Viosca Ros

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