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Environmental protection, Water-soluble plastic, Environmentally Friendly Plastic

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Business philosophy Environmental protection should not be abandoned because it is a permanent issue regardless of race, religion or country. The sustainable operation of Earth is the responsibility of all mankind. Our ideal is to let eco-friendly products aesthetically pleasing and reasonably affordable for everyone so that everyone can contribute to Earth by using our products. Various goods It is no restriction for us to develop eco-friendly goods with any industry, so there are infinite possibilities. In other words, all products may be related to environmental protection from funeral industry to beauty industry. It is feasible to put convenience together with environmental protection, and furthermore human’s responsibility for the environment comes true.

Founder’s Story

Brand origin In 2012, Hsing Yen began to ODM and established a brand “Green Points”. In 2015, Hsing Yen got the subsidy from Ministry of Economic Affairs because technique about water-soluble materials was brought in. Hence, Hsing Yen has developed a series of water-soluble goods, such as urns for natural burial, seed bed, air gun bullets, golf ball, microbeads, plastic film (bags), coating or spray finishing products, etc. Customized products are gladly accepted.

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