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Feb 03, 2021

X0PA AI creates “Empauwer” to enhance employability for neurodiverse persons

X0PA AI creates “Empauwer” to enhance employability for neurodiverse persons

The X0PA team won the Hackathon (AI for Accessibility), organized by Microsoft in Singapore in 2019, which was the seed for this idea; of creating an inclusive onboarding framework for Employers of Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Empauwer is a digital solution aimed to enhance the employability of neurodiverse individuals. The Empauwer platform has three parts; a) Empauwer US - a virtual mentor for employers to make them more inclusive to hiring persons with autism and guide them towards harnessing the strengths of the ASD talent pool b) Empauwer ME - a virtual mentor for persons with autism to coach them through work-life c) Empauwer ALL - a job marketplace to connect employers and persons with ASD. Empauwer will help in the process of making workplaces inclusive and creating more opportunities for persons with ASD. Empauwer will leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities and is powered by Microsoft Azure, Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Services to enhance the understanding and interactivity of the virtual mentor as well as develop an effective job matching platform. This initiative is supported and partly funded by SG enable & Microsoft. The executive committee includes members from Microsoft, Microsoft for Start-ups and a psychiatrist consultant from NHS. Ms. Nina Alag Suri, Founder and CEO of X0PA AI, said, “We believe, it’s time to go beyond gender, racial and sexual orientation inclusion to make workplaces inclusive for neurodiverse persons and help employers understand how to leverage the strengths of this talent pool.” Ms. Pratima Amonkar, APAC OCP ISV Lead, and Accessibility Chair of Microsoft, said, “X0PA AI is a valued ISV partner for us. Their solution, judged as the winner of Microsoft AI for Accessibility Hackathon 2019, has evolved into Empauwer. In addition, they have earned a co-build investment from SG Enable to bring the solution to the market.” Singapore headquartered, X0PA AI is a SaaS company that helps companies in talent acquisition, hiring, assessment and related areas that uses AI and ML and combines it with automation for accurate, objective and efficient hiring at scale. X0PA AI has other offices across India, UAE, UK. X0PA AI was recently recognized by IDC as one of four innovative companies in Asia-Pacific that provide Artificial Intelligence powered automation solutions and is a partner of Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Intel and Nvidia. For more information, visit X0PA AI’s Empauwer website at https://www.empauwer.com/ Media Contact Name: Farida Charania Designation: Business Leader, Empauwer Email: farida@x0pa.com Contact number: +65 62657553