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11-50 employees


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X0PA AI offers B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions powered by AI that enhances people decisions through predictive analytics on big data. Using AI, Machine Learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), X0PA automates routine tasks and offers predictive analytics and data-driven insights, bringing productivity and efficiencies of selections at scale. X0PA's solutions are highly customizable for varied use cases across enterprise, SME, academia and government sectors. X0PA saves up to 87% in time and 50% in cost to hire, saving companies thousands of dollars from wrong hires. X0PA’s solutions also enhance objectivity in selections as well as candidate engagement, ultimately enhancing employer branding. X0PA’s solutions can work stand-alone or can integrate to other Applicant Tracking, HR or CRM systems seamlessly. It can also be easily plugged into an employee database or HRIS for internal hiring, career progression, succession planning and the like.

Founder’s Story

X0PA has its origins in 1997, when our CEO and Founder, Nina Alag Suri, launched Nastrac Group, a global executive search firm, which she successfully ran for 20 years. It was through this venture that she realized the inefficiencies and subjectivity of traditional hiring processes and thus decided to disrupt her own business and pivot to an AI and ML SaaS-based platform with X0PA AI. X0PA AI was then founded in 2017. Our company is headquartered in Singapore and our engineering team is based out of India. Since then, X0PA has expanded to the UK and the UAE and we deliver services globally across a wide variety of industries.

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Product Highlight - X0PA AI Unveils New Inclusive Hiring Features on its AI-enabled Recruitment Platform

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Empauwer - AI for Autism Initiative

X0PA ROOM to seamlessly scale your hiring

How X0PA Saves Time & Cost in Hiring


The Inclusive Hiring feature will drastically remove the percentage of biases that occur in current HR hiring processes helping organisations to create better and more inclusive teams to benefit both organisations and individuals. We are committed to ethical AI and these additional features help our clients take even bigger strides towards inclusive hiring.

Nina Alag Suri

Founder and CEO

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Nina Alag Suri

Founder and CEO

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