Santa Clara, CA

1-10 employees


Santa Clara, CA

1-10 employees

Wearable Total Solution Company. Established as a manual production company, develops both software and hardware for wearables to change human work and life.



Information Technology



Wearable Device, Smart glass, Solution

About Us

WESTUNITIS is the unique tech company as both wearable hardware and software developer which started up as paper manual production company in Osaka, Japan. Our monocular type wearable glasses “InfoLinker” is the stand-alone wireless wearable PC, developed for industrial application to support and improve working efficiency with its own software "Remote Maintenance System" which makes real time communication and "Task Navigation System" for support visualizing workflow. “picoLinker” is the lightweight wearable display for the daily life, connected via HDMI to other devices.

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Mike Aoki

Sales and Business Development Manager

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Mike Aoki