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Hsinchu, Taiwan / Taiwan

Jimmy Liou

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Apr 07, 2021

Datawise’s New Nanoimprint Solution, Making Nano-patterns Adoption Easier For More Industry Applications

HSINCHU, TAIWAN - Datawise Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading nanotechnology company that facilitates semiconductor companies with system integration services including master-mold fabrication for nanoimprint lithography (NIL) and IC production. The company will be showcasing its new project-driven Silicon Nano-Imprint Stamp service at various upcoming nanotechnology events in 2021. Datawise is a certified SMB solution expert and a long-term technical partner of Microsoft. With advanced ULSI process technologies, Datawise provides customized silicon mold as per customer requests along with professional evaluations of product applications. Datawise nano-imprint mold provides a large surface area with almost seamless array patterns precisely processed through the 8-inch diameter mold, suitable for productions of LED, MEMS, Micro-fluid, Biochemical, Optics, Sensor/Detector, and Green electronics. With demands for photonics, biochips and non-semiconductors on the rise, Datawise is poised to collaborate with more SMBs in nanotechnology in the near future. Competitive Advantages: • Designed array is structured with cells of small dots, lines, and other requested patterns • Large area with seamless array patterns precisely processed through the 8-inch diameter mold area • High quality and precise flat of single crystal silicon (wafer) manufactured in modern FABs, with the mold ready for industrial usage "Datawise project-based nano-imprint silicon mold has been playing an essential role in our most new process technologies in our manufacturing of solar cells," said Stephen Chen, Vice President of Nexpower Technology Co. About Datawise Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Datawise Technology Co., Ltd. is a trustworthy partner of companies in nano-technologies. It is expected to alleviate the barrier to adopt nano-patterns in various high-tech industries. Datawise empowers and makes it easier for people to approach more advanced manufacturing processes and featured products. The company is offering project-based services along with established products that help new customers to acquire low-cost trial-run in nano-imp technologies. For more information, please visit Additional Information: Press Kit download: ### Media contact: Jimmy Liou Email: Phone: +886-3-564-1662