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Pinheads Interactive

Singapore, Singapore

11-50 employees






E-learning, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Games

About Company

Pinheads Interactive is a VR app development company based in Singapore. We are a VR company in Singapore with state-of-the-art technology. This has enabled our clients across many industries to make full use of evolving technologies. We believe 3D virtual tours and 360 videos can help transform our clients’ businesses. Through our dedicated team, we provide unparalleled quality for content in the space of VR, AR, MR and E-Learning. Our goal, as a VR company in Singapore, is to provide creative, interactive and impactful experiences for people and organisations!

Founder’s Story

Pinheads Interactive started as a production house in 2007. Since then, it has grown to become an established development studio. We move on to develop e-learning course ware for government sectors. Instructional scaffolding was applied in our apps for education. We then bring technology and creativity to give life to our content. Through this, we created modules that is both engaging and immersive for users. By 2017, we have decided to move the company in a new direction to become a VR app development company. The team begin to experiment on new trending technologies. Our focus shifted to the improvement of business processes using AR or VR. As a VR company in Singapore, we took up virtual tour photography and 360 photos projects. That’s how we got started. Using what we learned, we can provide our clients with a better solution. A solution that tackles today’s problems that businesses face.

Media Headline

- Pinheads Interactive empowered people with special needs to be involved in the cyber world - Singapore Minister for Communications and Information supports Pinheads Interactive effort to help people become digitally-prepared - Pinheads Interactive won the Global Innergy Award from the Ministry of Education

Products & Services

Learning Chemistry by VR

Virtual Reality Treasure Hunt Game

Scenario Based Learning


We live in a world of limitless possibilities.

Wayne Fun

Founder of Pinheads Interactive Pte Ltd


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Wayne Fun


Melanie Wong

Senior Account Manager