Taipei, Taiwan

11-50 employees


Taipei, Taiwan

11-50 employees

VR, AR, MR, WhateverR(XR) Simulations for Education, Healthcare and Training.





Virtual Reality, VR education, Augmented Reality, Professional training, VR Software

About Company

VEYOND uses XR technologies to solve practical issues in education and training. By introducing XR solutions into school and colleges, we make learning no longer restricted to just reading andmemorizing, instead, relying on experiencing and active memorization. Our products have been adopted by nearly 150 educational institutions.

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The Educational Software Leader of Future VR,AR and Whatever R

Products & Services

VOLLEGE is the flagship educational product of VEYOND. Covering 23 physics and chemistry topics as well as more than 280 areas of knowledge, Vollege includes a wealth of content and serves as an exceptional digital teaching material and tool for high school science teachers. Not only does it spark the students’ interest, it also makes students learn from practical experience rather than memorization. Moreover, VOLLEGE is a safe and engaging laboratory experiment platform that allows students do experiments repeatedly .

Veyond has partnered up with Taipei Medical University in producing this VR teaching material, helping students experiencing long-term care environments. Not only does this improve learning efficiency but also reduces issues caused by inconveniences during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the droplet and contact precaution. Through VR technology, students get to experience the inconveniences that the elderly have to go through face while living, thereby fostering the development of empathy in addition to developing an positive attitude in taking care of the elderly and an positive attitude while taking care of the elderly.)

The most impressive drug-prevention software is on the way into school now. We used animated elements to teach the lesson of refusing drug invitation. The IP pictures are created by our team. Not only the students would be interested in it, but also would the parents be attracted to it. Plus, it was tested that it could efficiently help improving the knowledge of drugs.


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