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Sep 04, 2020

Urethane Covers Are Trending, But Which One Is Right for You? Trust in TrustGolf To Help You Find the One.

TAICHUNG CITY, TAIWAN - For the past 25 years, the founder of Trust Golf has been supplying golf ball cores and cover technologies to nearly all the world’s major golf ball manufacturers. In 2016, Trust Golf decided to begin making their own brand of golf balls: Trust. All the top golf ball manufacturers use urethane covers in their high-end, tour-caliber models. Trust has cracked the code on making urethane-covered, soft-feeling yet durable, high-spinning golf balls, but without sacrificing distance. In addition, Trust also handles the entire golf ball making process in house. From design and materials, to core and cover – Trust makes affordable golf balls that rival the best in the world. Top Competitive Advantages of Trust Golf Ball Series: • Advanced greenside control • Durability, extra distance, and pro trajectory • Unique four ball compression design • Recyclable and eco-friendly materials Compression should be another consideration when choosing your perfect golf ball, as a golf ball compresses when hit, then rebounds off the clubhead at high speed. Compression is the metric used to measure the firmness of a golf ball and playing a golf ball with the compression that matches your swing speed will help you maximize distance, control, and consistency. The four golf balls Trust makes are the S, V, X, and XL. The S is best suited to players who swing their driver at 95mph or less. The V suits players who swing their driver between 95-105mph, whilst the X is suited to players that swing their driver between 105-110mph. The XL is for players with a driver swing speed over 110mph. The company is currently offering an introductory offer of 2 dozen balls for $40 (org. $64) with the code “TRUST”. Visit www.trustgolfballs.com and start playing a golf ball you can Trust. About Trust Golf For the past 25 years, Trust Golf has been supplying golf ball cores and cover technologies to nearly all the world’s major golf ball manufacturers and believe every golfer should be able to afford and benefit from the higher performance that urethane-covered golf balls produce. Trust Golf uses injection molding with thermoplastic polyurethane materials, which is ideal for molding golf ball covers when compared to Thermoset polyurethane molding materials. For more information, please visit: https://www.trustgolfballs.com/. Additional Information: Press Kit download: https://brand.sparkamplify.com/trust-golf Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/TrustGolfUSA Website: www.trustgolfballs.com ### Media contact: Melanie Wu Email: service@trustgolfball.com