New Taipei City, Taiwan

11-50 employees

TOP Nanometal Corporation

New Taipei City, Taiwan

11-50 employees

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FPC Materials, 2Layer FCCL, ITO & Metal on ITO FILM, Ultra Thin 2 Layer FCCL, R2R Sputtering OEM Service

About Company

Established in 2015, TOP Nanometal Corporation is dedicated to selling, R&D, and manufacturing electronic materials, such as Ultra Thin FCCL(2L-FCCL) and ITO Film(Metal on ITO Film) by our profound R2R Sputtering and chemical electroplating/electroforming process experience and machine developing know-how. Currently, we have total 6 sputtering production lines. Monthly production capacity reaches 100,000 M2 (square meters), total products included. Each product is manufactured by its own sputtering production line; hence, the risk of cross-contamination is effectively reduced. We also provide professional R2R Sputtering OEM Service. By our roll-to-roll vacuum sputtering process and chemical process, we can produce a series of metal-clad thin films by customer needs, such as sputtering graphite on aluminum, and sputtering copper on PI and PET. For you have other metal sputtering needs, welcome to contact us for discussion.

Media Headline

TOP Nanometal Corp will be exhibiting at "Touch Taiwan 2021" Exhibition. Touch Taiwan will be held on April 21-23,2021 in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center,Hall 1,4F.

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