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Jessica Chen

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Mar 23, 2020

TG3D x Alvanon | Scanatic™ DC Suite by TG3D Studio now supports Alvanon Body Platform

Revolutionary fashion tech specialists TG3D Studio are delighted to announce that they have teamed up with the Alvanon Body Platform. The new collaboration gives TG3D’s customers access to Alvanon’s vast library of over 6,000 3D virtual bodies, each representing a specific brands’ fit standards. Alvanon’s Body Platform — a proven digital innovation that enables brands and retailers to share their 3D fit standards with supply chain partners — now supports TG3D Studio. Scanatic™ DC Suite users can now purchase the license of their individual chosen virtual AlvaForm and import them seamlessly into the DC Suite for their 3D fashion design project The Scanatic™ DC Suite is TG3D’s proprietary 3D fashion design software. It has been created with intuitive design in mind. The DC Suite links into different functions according to the user’s requirements. These include the feature - StyleBRIC to create thousands of designs by few steps. All you need to do is to import 2D pattern parts, virtually stitch and create all possible modular parts for the first time, and upload your part designs directly into the Scanatic™ StyleBook Service for infinite SKU creation by combining different modular parts and selected fabric pairings. With the addition of Alvanon’s 3D virtual bodies into the platform, users can now not only virtually view their fashion designs in as realistic a way as possible, but also see how they will look on different body shapes and sizes, and adjust the design accordingly. For further press information, please contact: About TG3D Studio TG3D Studio’s mission is to revolutionize the fashion world by providing easy-to-use digital tools to design and manufacture garments with a great fit. Their Scanatic™ for Fashion is a complete, end-to-end solution, including all the digitization tools - 360 Body Scanner, Nuno Fabric Scanner, DC Suite 3D fashion design software and more, for any fashion business to stay competitive. Digitally transforming workflows and business models from start to finish, it combines hardware, software, and AI-driven SaaS services for an easy to use and simple to install experience. Press profile: About the Alvanon Body Platform (ABP) The Alvanon Body Platform (ABP) is an ever-growing cloud database of over 6,000+ Virtual AlvaForms (3D avatars) designed for hundreds of brands globally. The ABP platform will be easily accessible and secured, facilitating a seamless and encrypted process by which vendors can access a brand’s 3D fit standards and size sets in most 3D software formats. The ABP Platform is a response to the industry’s need for a digital, 3D solution that cuts costs and increases speed-to-market. It virtually replicates the costly process of physical fitting. Click the following link to view an Alvanon 3D model.