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11-50 employees


Shopping for clothes that fit can be fun and easy


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We believe that every customer deserves clothes which fit perfectly. That is why we devoted ourselves in the developing of the Scanatic™ for Fashion, a complete, end-to-end solution, encompassing all the tools any fashion business needs to stay competitive. Digitally transforming workflows and business models from start to finish, it combines hardware, software, and AI-driven SaaS services for an easy to use and simple to install experience. Apparel businesses can pick and choose solution modules that are suitable to them and use these tools to design and manufacture garments with the perfect fit. Through interactive and virtual try on retail experiences, consumers are empowered to shop smarter.


“I am delighted to be able to unveil our new creation at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2019, in front of the largest audiences of industry experts possible. This is a true exclusive first look at the fully working prototype of the The VTO by Scanatic™ for Fashion. Many years of development, consultation and fine tweaking have gone into this, our newest product. We truly believe that it is a groundbreaking prospect which could herald a widespread change the way that consumers shop for clothes in the near future. TG3D Studio is thrilled to be giving it its debut at such

Rick Yu

Chief Marketing Officer

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Paul Lee

CEO & Founder

Rick Yu

CMO & Co-Founder

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CPO & Co-Founder

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