HsinZu, Taiwan

1-10 employees

Taiwan Intelltech Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

HsinZu, Taiwan

1-10 employees

Integrity Innovation Commitment


Consumer Electronics

Food and Beverage


Research and develop, beer, homebrew, Fermentation, Intelligent Machine

About Company

Taiwan Intelltech Manufaturing Co., Ltd. is a self-design and innovative technology company focused on independent research, manufacturing and sales of intelligent devices with sophisticated control technology. Our first product- IB-I is positioned in the mid- to high-end commercial, consumer and personalized intelligent device market. We are the best integrator of intelligent software, hardware and data. It is not only a leader in developing, designing and manufacturing smart devices, but also a customer service-oriented practitioner who enhances the customer experience.

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Szuma, Liang

General Manager

Chen, Fenny

Sales & Marketing Manager

Lin, Rita

System Designer

Chen, Thomas

E/E engineer

Steven Kin

Web/App egineer

Jack Yang

Software Engineer

Joe Yang

M/E Engineer

Devin Lin

Brewing Process Research

Dr. Guo, Zongde

Sensor Research

Pro. Liu, Jiangong

Recipe Research

Press Contact

Fenny Chen