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See the latest AR/VR trends at the exclusive On-Demand Micro Exhibition

Los Angeles, CA, USA / Taipei, Taiwan

11-50 employees

Series A


Los Angeles, CA, USA / Taipei, Taiwan

11-50 employees

Series A

AI-powered PR, let SparkAmplify help you maximize your press coverage potential!


Artificial Intelligence

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Machine Learning, PR, Press Release, Digital Marketing

About Company

SparkAmplify is a data-driven SaaS Platform that facilitates the communication between brands and media, removing all the traditional barriers, and creating lasting effective relationships. Looking to earn more press coverage? Have a difficult time pitching your story? Our intelligent recommendation model connect you with the right media based on brand's product features without countless hours of research. Present your story in the way that attracts media interest with our beautiful one-page public profile. And with our intuitive dashboard, you will be able to track engagement and act on executable insights to improve influencer engagement.

Founder’s Story

With 10+ years of corporate experience, I have witnessed much inefficiency in the traditional business functional process. SparkAmplify is a startup that I founded in 2016, looking to address the public relations industry business model and utilizing artificial intelligence to facilitate its fundamental process flow. The goal is be able to put the right media influencers in front of the brands and let them do what they do best which is to tell their story. With over 1,200 brand users and 80K+ media influencers profiled, SparkAmplify is revolutionizing the way new stories are sourced and created. Maximize your press coverage potential and start building your brand social proof.

Media Headline

AR VR On-Demand MICRO Exhibition is now live! Join us to explore the latest trends and discover interesting applications of AR/VR technologies in the post-COVID new normal. Curated by SparkAmpLab, a global technology media publication.

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SparkAmplify aims to facilitate communication between brands and media, removing all the traditional communication barriers, and create lasting and effective relationships.

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Chief Scientist


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