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Solustar Pte Ltd is a Singapore robot company that develops robot for the benefits of mankind. During the start of Covid-19 pandemic, the company develops Solubots Disinfectant Robot (SDR), a 1.2M robot that spray water soluble disinfectant with ballistic pinpoint accuracy on high touch area. It can be remote controlled or operated autonomously. The SDR mimic human spraying and unlike human, will not catch infection as the primarily use case. With the new normal lifestyle and contactless connect, a second robot, AiNi to entertain and give relief to care giver for elderly, Disability and Autistic home. AiNi can interact, patrol and do surveillance operation.

Founder’s Story

Louis is a dreamer at heart and reads a lot while in school. From young, Louis has an interest in building things and finding how to apply technology. He started his first company and sold it to Challenger Ltd when he was 28 years old. He helped Challenger to establish the largest computer store in Asia at that time. He would travel to USA to learn from the like of Fly, Compstore USA etc. He felt that he didn't really use his education and decided to join US and European MNCs to feel how it is like to work in a multinational environment and left Challenger after 5 years. Louis have a span of 10 over years in application space joining companies like Nortel, Oracle, Peoplesoft and Software AG. In 2004, he started a vending machine company that failed. He rejoined Challenger as a IT Director in 2008. In 2012, using his experience he started Solustar and using his experience acquired in vending machine and application he developed SDR and AiNi Caregiver robot for the benefits of mankind.

Media Headline

Going to CES to introduce Solustar to find potential distributor for North America, Europe and Asia and to find investor to fund our growth plan. We need to build a distributor network to increase our pipeline and funding to acquire technology and research in deep technology such as speech recognition and robot for the medtek industry.

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Making Robots for the benefits of mankind!

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