Chiayi County, Taiwan

1-10 employees

Fulin Food Materials Company

Chiayi County, Taiwan

1-10 employees


Food and Beverage

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Grass jelly, Dofu pudding, Molasses beans, Tapioca pearls, Melon brick

About Company

Drawing from our multiple-decade experience and our application of advanced technology in food processing Fulin’s products incorporate the highest grade of ingredients, exclusive of chemical additives, with which our Fulin Soybean Jelly Mix has been certified into the Food Category – honorably the only one soybean product of its kind to obtain such certification in Taiwan. In an effort to preserve traditional food culture and promote the know-how to produce tasty soybean jelly, Fulin has dedicated to teaching through local community kitchens. As part of our business initiatives over the years we have mentored entrepreneurs to establish more than 500 small business enterprises in Taiwan. In addition Fulin has teamed up with cookware manufacturers to provide turn-key solutions to small business owners in China, Japan, the United States, Canada, Indonesia, and Australia.

Founder’s Story

We have lived through the 60’s in Taiwan history, the period when each family room was used as an assembly line to produce soybean jelly products to make a living, since then the economy of Taiwan has grown and become vibrant as an exporting country over the last three decades. In the beginning the founders of Fulin developed the first packaged soybean jelly pudding in Taiwan. It was so small and handy with quick ingredient mix that it dramatically simplified the preparation before enjoying a serving of flavorful soybean jelly.

Products & Services

Taro babu ice powder

Sweet potato balls mix series

Melon brick