Taipei, Taiwan

1-10 employees


Red Pill Lab

Taipei, Taiwan

1-10 employees


Animate digital characters with six sensors and your voice



Artificial Intelligence



Digital Characters, Animation, Motion capture, artificial intelligence, VR

About Company

Red Pill Lab has developed world leading algorithms in the domain of AI, motion capture and computer animation. Our product – Red Pill Studio had clients in more than 7 different countries and we have secured funds from some of the top investor firms in Asia. Now we are rapidly expanding our team and looking to provide exceeding service and experience for even broader audience... We have developed the most portable and easy to use industrial level digital character animation system at a cost only 1% of the conventional one. The user has to wear only six sensors and a wireless microphone and our AI algorithms analyze their data in real time and creates fully articulated body motion and facial animation for digital characters.

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RH Shih

CEO & Co-Founder

Dobry Todorov

CTO & Co-Founder

Brian Chen

COO & Co-Founder

Press Contact

RH Shih