Taipei, Taiwan

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Apr 27, 2020

Rearia Creates World’s First Earphones For All Music Lovers

Rearia Co., Ltd. announced the creation of the world’s first modular Bluetooth earphones usable for all hearing aid users, cochlear implant users and normal-hearing people alike.

Taipei, Taiwan — April 27, 2020 — Rearia Co., Ltd. has announced the creation of Rearia Hai modular Bluetooth earphones. Originally conceived in Aalto University, they have been in development for the past 3 years. They are the world’s first earphones suitable for all hearing aid, cochlear implant and normal-hearing users. Rearia Hai modular earphones are designed to replace the conventional streamers or ear hooks that many hearing aid and cochlear implant users need to listen to music. It’s biggest differences to conventional designs are: -Universal design - Modular and interchangeable coils and earbuds work for both hearing aids, cochlear implants and hearing people. Can also be used with single-sided hearing aids. -Superb sound quality - Designed by Hi-Fi experts for maximum sound quality. Works with both hearing aids and cochlear implants. -Customizable and modern design - Lets the user express their personality with different coloured surfaces and stickers. The designer of the earphones, music lover Ansin Lau, 27, says his motivation for creating this revolutionary technology was the stigmatization and medicalization of hearing aids. “As a hearing aid user I’ve always had a problem listening to music with conventional hearing aids and streamers, they don’t leave any room for creativity or personal style, they are designed as medical equipment. But I don’t consider being hard-of-hearing as defining my identity or style,” Ansin said. “I wanted to create universal earphones which can be shared by normal-hearing people, hearing aid and cochlear implant users to listen to music. Hai earphones are customizable and modular, giving the power to the user to express their style,” Ansin continued. Rearia Hai modular earphones are designed to change the industry, providing excellent sound quality packaged in revolutionary design unheard of in hearing aid streamers before. Paving the way with Hai to normalize hearing aids in society Ansin hopes to change the world of hearing aids: “Our design is not only a simple product that solves the issues for people like me. It's also an attempt to change the status quo of assistive products”. Rearia Hai earphones are currently planned to launch as a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in May 2020.