Taipei, Taiwan

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Taipei, Taiwan

1-10 employees

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Starting our ambitious journey in 2017, we've now created Hai, the world's first universal, modular earphones for hearing aid, cochlear implant and normal-hearing users. Rearia innovation team, based in Helsinki and Taipei, is inspired to create wonderful and fashionable listening experiences with innovative uses of technology for everyone to enjoy.

Founder’s Story

We're Ansin Lau and Kevin Cheng. We both share a deep love for music and tech. Our shared passions brought us together in 2017, when we finally decided to pursue our dream. This dream was to create a device that'd let both hearing aid users and normal-hearing to share the same, non-discriminating universal audio device to enjoy music with excellent sound quality. Our motivation to create this device sprang from Ansin's experience as a hearing aid user — a common problem for hearing aid users is they're unable to wear earphones. That's why they need to use a device called "streamer". Streamer is a intermediary between hearing aid and a audio source — such as TV or phone — transmitting the audio from source to a hearing aid. The reason we wanted to re-invent the streamer is that they're not universal, they only work for specific hearing conditions. Most streamers don't work in combination with normal earphones, so enjoying music with single hearing aid combined with normal earphones is impossible. Another aspect is that mostly their sound quality is inferior to any earphones. There's some good quality ones — mostly made by medical device companies — but their style and design is cold and medicalized. We wanted to create a modular earphone that'd free people to show their personality and let them enjoy its excellent sound quality — in a completely universal product. We also wanted to free it from the medicalized image, and make it like any other audio device that its users can customize and express their style. Now we've been working on this project for 3 years and have come a long way. Finally our product is ready. And we call it Hai. It has achieved everything we dreamed of in our original vision.

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Currently we are preparing to launch crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

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Our design is not only a simple product that solves the issues for people like me. It's also an attempt to change the status quo of assistive products.

Ansin Lau

Co-founder, designer


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Kevin Cheng

Co-founder, engineer

Ansin Lau

Co-founder, designer

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