11-50 employees

Pumpkin Studio, Ltd.


11-50 employees

Rich experience in VR content production and system integration, Pumpkin Studio realizes every possibility with VR and interactive media technology.





VR AR, Game, Location-based entertainment, Platform

About Company

Pumpkin Studio is an award-winning VR startup focusing on VR content production and one-stop custom solution development. Our VR games have been published worldwide with top-tier distributors from the US to Asia, including VR Junkies and Sega Japan. Pumpkin Studio is also recognized as one of the VR leaders in the worldwide gaming industry 2019 by Digi-Capital. For enterprise customers, we provide one-stop end-to-end custom solution services to meet the needs. The service categories include simulation, training and culture, some cases like submarine training, new media content production, virtual exhibition and motion device development...etc.

Founder’s Story

Terry & Peter both have lots of passion for new technologies and games and been playing video games together since the teenage. After the return from the USA, Peter was searching for a good subject to start his business until the day he experienced the charms of VR at Terry's studio...and that's where Pumpkin Studio started.

Media Headline

'Quantaar: the vizor of oath' The world's first 3rd person VR fighting game up to 4 players. A game made for casual and eSports players with high replayability and intensive stickiness. Coming on Steam in 2021.

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Every possibility, this is what we believe in VR.

Peter Liao

CEO & Founder of Pumpkin Studio


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Peter Liao

CEO & Founder

Huei Chan

Marketing & Business development

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