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We Call for Help! When you Can Not!! This is the premise of Newton's Meter Smart wearable device (powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning backed by patented circuitry). In the event of any kind of accident, emergency or threat, the Newton's Meter device sends the user's GPS coordinates with an S.O.S message to user's contacts/police/emergency services "AUTOMATICALLY" . This real time messaging result in prompt mobilisation of emergency services onsite that facilitate the saving of user's life. Newton's Meter is available......... a. AS A DEVICE : Plug & Play Safety Device for Personal use .................b. AS A SYSTEM for Industrial use, related to Safety/Security/Big Data/Cost Optimisation/Productivity Optimisation


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Automated Personal S.O.S Device, SMART WEARABLE (Ultra light 14 gms), Eldercare, Women's Safety, Kids Safety, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

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NM SGP PTE LTD. Singapore, has successfully designed, developed and patented "Newton's Meter" SOS SMS device. In the event of any accident, emergency or threat situation, the device powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, self activates itself and send SOS SMS with real time GPS coordinates to 10 contact numbers (pre configured by user) "AUTOMATICALLY". This help faster mobilisation of paramedics, police and family onsite and facilitate saving the life (of the user). Newtons Meter is available as a plug & play 'device' for consumers as well as a 'system' delivering Industrial Work Place Safety & Security System for diverse business enterprises (ranging from hospitals to logistics to offshore oil & gas to factories) . Please visit for more comprehensive information.

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We are showcasing Newton's Meter in Singapore Pavillion, Jan 7th - 10th 2020 @ CES, LV, USA

Nov 25, 2019


WE Call for Help ! When You Can Not !!

Newton's Meter Services Premise

Newton's Meter

Founder’s Story It was 3 am early morning on a Friday in 2015, when Siddharth was busy revising for his exam. Suddenly he heard a loud bang. He went to window, looked outside, but did not see anything. Later in the day when Siddharth came back from school, he saw a portion of the roadside near his home cordoned off by Police. He learnt that a 19y old food delivery rider lost his life in a hit and run accident. After the hit, the rider and his bike flew over stormwater drainage, thats why no one could see. The rider was bled to death slowly. This incident shook Siddharth. He thought how about having a system that will send S.O.S distress message "AUTOMATICALLY" in the event of any accident or likewise situations. This drift inspired him to conceptualise the Newton's Meter. It took the team four years to develop the final product with four patents along with CE,FCC & NRTL certifications. Newton's Meter: We Call For Help ! When You Can Not !!

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