Taichung City, Taiwan

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Jul 29, 2020

Bravoprodigy, desktop CNC machines helping to power the latest trend in the maker community

Due to the effects of Covid-19, 2020 has become a year for the Otaku economy. More people are preferring to stay at home to be safe and healthy, which also leads to a rise in operating businesses at home. This phenomenon will be a permanent trend in the near future even after the pandemic is over. With the Bravoprodigy mini CNC machines, we encourage the spread of creativity and promote learning manufacturing skills. The top key advantage is our focus on quality and safety. The machine specification is approved by CUL and CE certified, meeting global safety standards. Users can begin using the machine without the need to assemble with all the wires wrapped for safety and of course ease of management. And with the machine, control system, and software all developed and manufactured inn Taiwan, quality is assured. Perfect for beginners ☑ Easy to learn and operate ☑ Compatible with most CAD/CAM software on the market ☑ Spindle motor: DC brushless motor, longer life, and lower noise ☑ Able to become a 3-in-1 machine, CNC Milling, Laser Engraving, and Impact Dot Peen Marking Why Bravoprodigy? ☑ Complete and professional after-sales service ☑ More opportunities in both STEAM education and industrial usage ☑ Affordable pricing and easier instructions when compared to big CNC machines About Us New Ren Yang ENTERPRISE CORP. was founded in 1982. At first, we specialized in designing and manufacturing induction motors, and then we expanded to construction tool machines. With the added experience, we started working on the design and creation of the Bravoprodigy mini CNC routers. Bravoprodigy stands out as the role model for mini CNC machinery. With great creativity and sustainable developments, we are a great companion that customers and society can trust. For more information, please visit Additional Information: Press Kit download: ### Media contact: Miss Lo Email: Phone: +886-4-25207287