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Marketing Analytics, Marketing Automation, Social Commerce, Marketing Technology, Content Marketing Technology

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MoWin Digital started off helping brands and organisations with marketing analytics and automation focused on the Chinese social marketing landscape. With a deep understanding for the need of Return of Investments (ROIs) for their marketing efforts on Chinese Social Media platforms like WeChat, we have developed our own tools for measurements as well as automating otherwise arduous social marketing campaigns. Analytics, WeChat Marketing, WeChat Analytics, Social Commerce, Marketing Automation, eCommerce, Marketing, Marketing Technology, Digital Marketing, Social Marketing, PaaS, SaaS, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service, Youzan

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Ianton Tan

Chief Executive Officer

Joyce Ng

Chief Financial Officer

Patricia Lim

Chief Marketing Officer

Shen Haifei

Chief Technology Officer

Charina Widjaja

Chief Creative Officer

Victor Ng

Founding Chairman

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Ternece Poh

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