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May 03, 2021

Water More, Bring The Enjoyment Back To Showering And Say Goodbye to Low Water Pressure

NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN - MODELSIM, an innovative bathroom hardware manufacturer will be showcasing its new water saving shower head, Water More, at various upcoming industry events, including the EHS Shopping Channel Live Show between May 5 - Jun 20, 2021. Taking a shower can be a hassle if the water pressure is too low. Without breaking the bank to upgrade the entire bathroom facility, Water More, a patented adjustable spiral shower head provides increased water flow with a 205-hole spray that comes with 3 modes - clockwise rainfall, power massage, and counter-clock rainfall. The water coming out from the specially designed nozzles generate a beautiful cross-rotating installation. The laser-cut precision of 304 stainless steel allows the water to be dense and uniform, giving the skin a gentle and comfortable feel. Not only households can benefit from the design, travelers, backpacking enthusiasts, can make good use of the faucets when staying in hostels or hotels where low water pressure often occurs. In addition, for countries short on rainfall, Water More can save up to 40% of water consumption. Competitive Advantages: • Cross spiral water spout, increase contact area making cleaning more effective • Water-saving certified • The laser cut precision makes water dense and uniformed "With more than 18 years of experience in shower R&D, we have tested more than 180 traditional style water saving products. MODELSIM has been committed to the improvement and promotion of quality household water saving solutions. Certified by the Ministry of Economic Water, and awarded with Taipei International Inventions, WATER MORE is recognized and praised by consumers," said the founder of MODELSIM. About MODELSIM Founded in 2007 and headquartered in NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN, MODELSIM is a leader in the development and promotion of water-saving shower head products on Shopping channels in Taiwan. MODELSIM offers water-saving shower head products. For more information, please visit Additional Information: Press Kit download: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: ### Media contact: WU. YU PIN Email: Phone: +886-2-22675835