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Mind Palace


1-10 employees

VR-based technology, Mind Palace provides traveling experience for elderly, keeping their minds active and slowing the effects of dementia


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Virtual Reality for Elderly, Wearables, Family Care Giving, Mind Tours, Assistive Technology

About Company

Mind Palace is a VR-based reminiscence therapy for helping the elderly experiencing the world, keeping their minds active, and slowing the effects of dementia. It aids them in remembering their pasts and feel closer to their loved ones. Not only does this help with memory, but it also provides a soothing influence that can relieve the stress and feelings of social isolation. In Mind Palace’s VR sessions, patients' memories are triggered about what happened in their past, which can be astonishingly heartwarming.

Founder’s Story

The idea of Mind Palace come up after Founder Eugene Soh took his VR goggles to provide the experience for the residents in the nursing home, yet, the interface was not optimized for the targeted objectives. Such limitation irked him to solve this problem by developing the app. In addition, there will be a growing aging population in the next future. Hence, Eugene Soh is started to think about such a solution for himself. Therefore, Mind Palace, as a non-profit start-up, was established in September 2018. It is aiming to relieve the stress of patients and caretakers. It has actively formulated novel ways to access and exercise dementia patients' memories by utilizing virtual reality.

Media Headline

What is the next innovation of Mind Palace? Mind Palace will be the first VR platform to actualize a Google Glass kind of vision tool without any sensors.

Products & Services

Gardens By the Bay in Singapore

Hawker Chan Chicken Rice - Food Tour

Relaxing of Bali, Indonesia


Mind Palace is aiming to recreate the home for elderly, so they can go home in virtual reality.

Eugene Soh

Founder of Mind Palace


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