Taipei, Taiwan

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Lusasa Animation

Taipei, Taiwan

1-10 employees

『Happy Lusasa』an animation TV series will be launch in 2022. The story is based in Lusasa town, where the main character MiluEgg lives. The residents of Lusasa town are cute and naughty. They are just like humans, with emotions, friends, dreams, and a love of gossip and following trends. Whatever happens in Lusasa could be something that happens around us in our daily lives.


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About Company

MILUEGG (Half of a braised egg) The most funny and Sunny egg in Lusasa Town! As long as he hears that someone is in trouble, he must volunteer to help, but he often helps more and more. It is his natural ability to mess things up! ミルエッグ (半分のゆで卵) ミルエッグはルササ町の中に一番親切で人助けが好きな子で、誰か困ったら必ず助けに行く。しかし、ドジっ子な彼はいつも不器用で失敗してしまう。

Founder’s Story

In 2006, for the first time MiluEgg appeared in the blog with an appearance of half braised egg that everyone is familiar with. The cute expression and interesting dialogs makes itself so popular to a lot for. It gets even more popular because of the cute emoji on MSN. In 2010, it won the first prize of the most popular YAHOO’s blog and some other comics were released such as “Wu’s Pogs” “MiluEgg yonkoma” and etc. With the accumulation of the IP popularity, MiluEgg has successively obtained a number of brand invitations. Including 7-11, Family mart, OK mart, CMC, FarEasTone, Taiwan Mobile, Panasonic, Philips and etc. Subsequently, MiluEgg popularity has spread to China Japan and Hong Kong and developed a series of international endorsement events. Including “JINMAILANG instant noodle” “Rootote charity event”, “Tsuen Wan Plaza – MiluEgg theme night market exhibition” and etc.

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『Happy Lusasa』an animation TV series will be launch in 2022.

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