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About Company

Mind & Idea Fly Co., Ltd. (MIFLY), with a number of award-winning domestic and international awards, is not only the leading multimedia Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) mobile application software developer but also the only one AR & VR underlying technology developer in Taiwan. Image recognition and tracking technology as the core, MIFLY have developed a dozen innovative AR & VR mobile application service module with a combination of AI, cloud technology, machine learning, big data analysis and multimedia interaction. MIFLY has the largest AR & VR open platform "MAKAR" in Taiwan, and anyone can freely develop AR,VR and MR which has considerable influence in the AR, VR and Mixed Reality (MR) industry.

Founder’s Story

MAKAR, a self-made Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) platform, is designed to solve high-cost, high-tech and long-term development schedule. With an image-type drag and drop, users can quickly create an AR mobile application in 10 minutes and do not need to learn any program language. The purpose of MAKAR is to allow everyone to freely edit and learn AR, VR and Mixed Reality (MR), no programming needed, Recognition Awarded: 2017 Executive Yuan National Development Fund Entrepreneurship Angel Project. 2017 China-US Youth Maker Competition - Regional Championship. 2017 Information Top 100 Innovation Product Awards.  2017 IDB Communication Competition - Corporate Awards. 2017 IDEA Show champion. 2018 Taipei City Industrial Development Award Grants Program. 2018 Strait Cup Cross-Strait Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Gold Award. 2019 Computex d&I awards. 2019 InnoVex Startup Terrace Award. 2019 Kaohsiung KOSMOS Somatosensory Multiple Application Project.

Media Headline

MAKAR, No Code Platform as a Service, usages are AR/VR education, advertising campaign, and industry application. Since MAKAR APP support mobile devices including smart phone or Pad in Android/iOS, Web XR, AR glasses, VR headsets and MR glasses. Through 5G CPE with FWA support and 5G private network, MAKAR platform could provide users/students with real-time AR/VR interactive applications/courses through 5G mobile network.

Products & Services

MAKAR, a XR Builder, No-Code Platform for educator. AKAR, a XR Builder No-code platform for educators, the gateway to a global community of AR/VR content creators. With image drag & drop, users can create XR mobile application in 90 Mins. MAKAR platform features: 1. MAKAR self-made AR/VR platform support WINDOWS, OS X. 2. MAKAR APP support mobile devices with Android 4.4 above, iOS 8 above, web XR, embedded SDK, and AR/VR/MR googles. 3. Innovative wisdom modular editing tool for applications: Combined modules and user experience, the innovative development AR/VR editing system create a wide range option of editing mode and immediately return to the mobile device to see the results, so that content experts could quickly experience the interactive effect through the platform. 3.1. Any image file upload, can perform graphic analysis and image recognition.. 3.2. Can upload any movies, YouTube, 3D model, any flat picture. 3.3. Can control the objects: make phone calls, google map positioning, send e-mail, any web connection, 3D action editing. 3.4. Can made UI interface and a variety of AR camera frames, set cards, scratch cards, a variety of marketing games. MAKAR AR Editor  Image Recognition & Tracking  Cloud Recognition  AR Video Display  AR Pictures Display  AR 3D Model Display  3D Model Database  AR Call  AR Web Connection  AR E-mail  AR 3D Motion Control  AR Photo Frame  AR Points Collection Card  AR Scratch Card (Including Probability)  AR Coloring System  AR LBS Positioning  AR Kit  AR Core MAKAR VR Editor  Video Streaming  VR Video Display  VR Pictures Display  VR 3D Model Display  3D Models Database  VR Scene Switching  VR Audio and Video Control  VR Interactive Control MAKAR User Behavior Data Analysis  AR Scan Time  AR Scan Location (Regional Division)  AR Number of Scans  AR Number of People  VR Play Time  VR Play Area (Districting)  VR Number of Play  VR Number of People  User Preference  User Phone Model  User Equipment MAKAR Embedded AR/VR SDK  Support Android / iOS/ Web AR/VR


MAKAR, a self-made AR and VR platform, is designed to solve high-cost, high-tech and long-term development schedule. With an image drag and drop, content experts can quickly create an AR/VR mobile application in 90 minutes and do not need to learn any program language.

Dr. Kuo, Josh C.

Co-founder & COO


Dr. Kuo, Josh C.

Co-founder & COO

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Dr. Kuo, Josh C.

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