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The MeshMinds Foundation, a registered not-for-profit arts organisation that empowers artists in Asia to focus on the sustainable development of people and our planet. The MeshMinds Foundation is supported by its sister organisation, MeshMinds, a creative technology studio partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme. MeshMinds was the first creative technology studio to be welcomed to join the Apple Consultants Network after a ground-breaking creative technology show at ArtScience Museum, Singapore, in March 2019, which attracted over 10,000 visitors in ten days. Kay was later selected by Apple to meet Tim Cook during a hands-on workshop using an iPad with an Apple Pencil to show children how to draw their own plastic sea creatures inspired by CleanSeas AR. His reaction was, “This is exactly what we want to see Apple technology being applied for.”

Founder’s Story

It was the urban jungle where Kay started her professional career, as a media and technology lawyer. While in London, she spotted a trend that captured her imagination: big tech companies like Google and Facebook partnering with artists. Since launching MeshMinds in 2017, one of Kay’s proudest moments was being selected to present CleanSeas AR, an interactive face filter on Instagram designed to build community around marine plastic pollution, to a room full of ministers, business leaders and environmentalists from across Asia Pacific at the United Nations Asia-Pacific headquarters in Bangkok. Kay spends her days blending the worlds of art and technology with powerful partnerships to drive awareness, ignite conversations and inspire behaviour change for the sustainable development of people and our planet.

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