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Mar 31, 2021

MeiMei, Over 1.6M Followers is Showcasing at the Upcoming Licensing Japan

Hit the nail on the head, Let me break the mask of the online world!

MeiMei, the representative of Taiwan Province women's power, can always hit the nail on the head and break the mask of the online world. Plump, sensual and beautiful, it breaks away from the existing aesthetic framework and has unlimited soul. Rich and lovely shapes and unique dressing attitude have made it a Cover Girl on the cover of magazines for many times. Is to be brave, self-confident, be yourself and walk out of your personal fashion attitude! MeiMei was born in October 2013. After she appeared as an insignificant figure in a cartoon on the Facebook of the author Mr. H.H, there was a sudden increase of 200,000 followers in Facebook at that time because of MeiMei. At that time, VOGUE and ELLE magazines published column reports related to the United States and America every week. After that, we let MeiMei devote herself to women's and fashion markets with over size and girls power, and became the spokesperson of major international brands across the border in New York Fashion Week. At present, her agent is IN2 CREATION.