1-10 employees



1-10 employees

To become lonesome people’s companion To be the best friend of children


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原創角色, 角色開發, 商品授權, 空間授權, 品牌大使

About Company

"Renrong Creative" is an original IP authorized design company in Taiwan. The most popular one is "Majimeow", the "Taipei Metro culture & parenting promoting ambassador. It has expanded to China, HK. 

Founder’s Story

One little chubby mochi cat Maji Meow, a little white chubby mochi cat is born on mochi peanuts toast in early summer. Full of curiosity, happy, love to eat and sleep... love friends, love life, with elastic humpty dumpty figure and funny cute personality everyone loves Maji Meow! Taipei Metro 2015-2021 culture & parenting friendly Ambassador  culture & parenting friendly short animation promoting  parenting friendly promotion theme train  Taoyuan City Flower Festival Ambassador 2017  2019 Taiwan disaster prevention ambassador

Media Headline

the publicity ambassador of Taipei MRT more than 300 kinds of products by authorized cooperation going to cooperate with some Children’s medical services facilities good example of children medical service philanthropy

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