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Mages Studio


11-50 employees



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Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Applied Games

About Company

Mages Studio is all about empowering businesses to improve performance and innovate using new technologies. We are creators of creative and unique solutions in the areas of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Applied Games. For over a decade, we have worked with companies of all sizes to find valuable solutions to pressing business challenges. We understand the need to constantly bring to market the greatest and the latest to win your customers attention and grow your revenue. With a combination of experience, creativity and crystal clear focus on business value our team has what it takes to help you win.

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Through utilization of smart design and cutting-edge technologies, we help businesses win.

Products & Services

Interactive and cost-effective virtual reality training modules for aviation companies staff. Mix and match from a variety of modules from ground staff to aircraft engineers.

Easily create web-based Augmented Reality interactions to gauge your audience and customer attention and collect insightful data.

Produce virtual events in an easy-to-use interface to engage and connect with your customers in a meaningful, fun, and cost-effective way.


We believe in utilizing emerging technologies to create solutions that add business value and deliver upon objectives.

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