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Lidbot (TWO IOT ltd)

Taipei, Taiwan

11-50 employees


Time to get smart about waste.






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About Us

TWO IOT LTD (雙雙物聯網有限公司) is a registered corporation in Taiwan and has been in operation since 2018. The company's purpose is to research, develop and implement IOT based systems for customers globally. All of the research, design and manufacturing of its products are located in Taiwan. Its current business address is located at 343 Changchun Rd, Songshan District in Taipei, Taiwan. Its mission is to build products that have both a financial benefit and an environmental benefit for its customers. TWO IOT LTD sees a future where IOT systems play a large role in urban areas. TWO IOT LTD aims to be a key product and solutions provider in this emerging industry. Its web address can found at TWO IOT LTD has developed & produced three main products; The first product is the Lidbot Sensor. Lidbot is a smart sensor that sticks to the top of any waste and recycling bin. It measures its fill level and notifies teams when they are full or emptied. Lidbot also collects critical data on our waste and recycling that can help solve the global waste epidemic. Lidbot's data is sent to IOTA's DLT, enabling it to be immutable, secure and transparent. This framework implements optimizations, traceability and most importantly accountability of our waste. This way, waste producers accelerate their initiatives to lower their waste and avoid heavy taxes. The second product is Analytics.Lidbot. A software platform located at This is the central platform where Lidbot Sensors send their data. Users can keep track of their data through a real-time app. They can monitor their sensors from anywhere in the world, keep informed about all their most important reports and supervise their pickup fleets and optimize routes if needed. The third product is the powerful Lidbot API. The REST API is a data stream that allows users to integrate Lidbot Sensors into their existing software infrastructures. In the near future when cities and businesses are managing multiple smart IOT devices, they will require robust and adaptable data streams that are able to be fed into existing management platforms. For example, if a city is to manage Smart Energy Grids, Smart Traffic Lights, Smart Pollution Sensors and Smart Waste Sensors then they would need one central platform where all this data can be fed into.

Founder’s Story

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Hamoun Karami

Founder & CEO

Alexander Lehnert


Carlos Azuaje

Front End Architect

Andrzej Miller

Software Architect

Yana Navaratnam

Hardware Engineer

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Hamoun Karami