Taipei, Taiwan

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Letron Music Inc.

Taipei, Taiwan

1-10 employees

Music community with the simplest AI songs creating tool.


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About Company

Many people want to create their songs, but most of them don’t know musical instruments and theory. We provide a free app with AI song creation tools and social communities. The simple process allows everyone to create favorite songs. Through data analysis, during 10 years of globalization we will have many signed outstanding singers and 30 billion songs, means a great wall of copyright, and enjoy 100 years benefits.

Founder’s Story

Hi, I'm Ruby. Co-founder of Letron Music. According to our survey, 80% of young people have music dreams, and 30% of them, like me, have tried but given up. From now on, there is no need to spend a lot of time and tuition on song creation. When users input their text. Our AI system will recommend many different melodies and arrangements. They just need to choose what they like. So, everyone can form their own distinctive song, in only 30 minutes. They can showoff themselves and become a unique self-media creator.

Media Headline

Based on the feedback from users, we will improve Letron APP including functionality and platform. And create more genres users would like to have.

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Letron, fulfills your music dream!

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