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May 03, 2021

Kaohsiung Goods: An Online Shopping Experience Like No Others, Discover the Best Local Brands All In One Place

KAOHSIUNG CITY, TAIWAN- Kaohsiung Goods provides an exclusive online shopping experience that focuses on promoting Kaohsiung's featured products and high-quality designer brands. The company will be showcasing its new shopping platform at 2021 Taipei International Travel Fair between Nov 5 - Nov 8. As the largest and busiest harbour in Taiwan, Kaohsiung not only serves as an industrial hub, but a cultural centre full of possibilities. Named after the city, KG shopping website platform conveys the inseparable bond between the brand and the city. Unlike general shopping sites, KG is well known for its distinctive local goods from foods and beverages to makeups and sanitizers, all strictly selected by the Kaohsiung Economic Development Bureau and Kaohsiung Goods Company. With a diversity of choices in high quality brands, tourists can enjoy Joymay’s freshly made pineapple cakes and JeanFu’s invigorating seafood jerkys, while locals can refill their cups with Leaffree Jasmine Wooling’s crisp freshness. Following the vibrant spirit of Kaohsiung, KG dedicates to the continual discoveries of amazing goods and stories of the city and shares with the world an unique piece of Taiwan, where people can sneak peek the latest updates through official websites, physical stores, live broadcasts, and exhibitions. Competitive Advantages: • Free e-commerce business course support for vendors • Special business consultancy for vendors • Channel expansion and planning services for vendors About Kaohsiung Goods Founded in 2020 and headquartered in KAOHSIUNG CITY, Kaohsiung Goods serves as the iconic "souvenir brand" in Taiwan and around the world. Its goal is to help local brands and vendors amplify the stories and awareness of the “made in Kaohsiung" products and enhance Kaohsiung’s reputation internationally. For more information, please visit https://www.kgshop.com.tw/. Additional Information: Press Kit download: https://brand.sparkamplify.com/kaohsiung-goods Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KH.kgood ### Media contact: Max Wu Email: khhgoods@gmail.com Phone: +886 933 848 432