Madrid, Spain


Series A

JUMP Data-Driven Video

Madrid, Spain


Series A

The actionable business data platform for the video industry

Artificial Intelligence

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churn rate prediction, content recommendation, customer clustering, actionable insights, machine learning

About Us

JUMP is a suite of data-driven solutions that helps video service providers gain actionable business insights about their audience and content performance, advanced business predictive analytics, personalization of the video experience, and marketing automation. JUMP is allowing video industry transformation to the next generation of video services for the next generation of video customers. JUMP´s vision is that data and its effective use will be the new competitive advantage in the next phase of the video industry. JUMP is built on the foundations of cutting-edge Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technology customized for the video industry.

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Big Data

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning

User retention

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User clustering

Service personalization

Actionable insights

Marketing automation

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