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Smart Ageing Tech delivers exceptional care experience by connecting healthcare data, empowering caregivers, and engaging family in long-term care. Smart Ageing Tech aims to provide the most advanced mobile and integrated solution to senior facilities and care workers in the healthcare industry. The first product, Jubo Facility Solution, has been deployed in 34 long term care facilities, serving more than 3,500 elderly after launched in late 2018. Our team was made up of different talented professionals, including soft engineering, UX/UI design, psychology, civil engineering,

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Jubo is keen to reshape the care industry by turning its technologies into an on-demand, data-driven health services to match care service request, and help service providers make better care decisions with data insights and predictive analytics. Our upcoming plan is to develop smart home care solution for community care and home care combined with health services.


We connect care, bring better aging life to everyone

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