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健康盟 | Health League

Taipei, Taiwan

1-10 employees

An AI consultant with easy-to-understand health content to enhance doctor-patient interactions across the entire care journey.


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AI Consultant, Waiting Room TV, Health Media, Medical Software, Patient Engagement Solution

About Company

Health League is committed to becoming the leader of the global "digital health media", providing knowledge-as-a-service with our all-round solutions including "Waiting Room TV" for medical facilities, chair side web-based medical "AI consultant", and medical brand advertising. With over a hundred easy-to-understand health videos and illustrations, we bridge the communication gap between doctors patients. 健康盟Health League致力成為全球「醫療數位科技媒體」的領航者,提供秒懂牙科候診TV、醫病溝通AI平台、醫療品牌廣告的全方位解決方案,為你打造醫病友善的候診空間,導入AI連結診所、醫療人員、病患及家屬,醫療品牌升級創造互惠共贏!我們的使命是用「衛教」讓醫療專業生活化,使民眾「秒懂」一切健康知識

Products & Services

DigiMed - an chair-side AI consultant that acknowledges patients with custom health videos and illustrations

Waiting Room TV - Patients can watch our easy-to-understand health videos while waiting.

Advertisements are placed in between the health videos


We bridge the communication gap between doctors and patients with our easy-to-understand health videos.

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