Taipei, Taiwan

11-50 employees

Series A

INSTO - Afford Anything, Enjoy More Payment Options

Taipei, Taiwan

11-50 employees

Series A

INSTO provides flexible, instant payment solutions that allow predictable cash flow for sellers and make everything more affordable for buyers.


Financial Services




Customization , Recurring, DirectPay, Portable POS Terminal, SchedulePayment

About Company

INSTO is an internet payment platform that supports both payment collecting and remitting, with online and offline uses. INSTO supports both individual and business users. By linking to the user's bank account, sellers can collect one-off credit card payments, or recurring and customizable installment payments. INSTO also offers INSTO Direct, a feature to assist corporate or individual merchants to take credit/debit cards as a portable POS Terminal. By not just email, but sms, instant messenger app as FB messenger, wechat, or LINE, billing link can be easily sent to buyers from end to end with INSTO app!

Founder’s Story

What is INSTO and how does it work? How INSTO is different than traditional credit based installment plan? Who is INSTO's TA, and why they choose to use INSTO?

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Bruce Chen

Founder & CEO

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