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iiC, Innovation Integration Center, is part of Wistron Corporation, a Fortune 500 EMS manufacturing company. We develop and bring together new technology and products to provide state-of-the-art solutions that create value-ads to businesses. Through our strategic alliances with startups and leading technology partners, iiC developed advanced core technologies in area such as wireless, IoT sensors, and have successfully deployed various AIoT solutions and applications in the global market. As part of a global EMS manufacturing company, one of our core competences is our manufacturing know-how acquired from our 20 years of production experience. Whilst striving to keep at the forefront of technologies, we leverage our manufacturing expertise to assist startups teams to expedite product commercialization processes, thus staying ahead of competitions.

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iiC solution includes, - Smart Brew Solutions 1. OREO solution: first detachable digital scale available in the market Screen can be placed separately from scale itself or together. OREO’s embedded wireless solution is able to feedback real time information or receive information from other devices while connected. 2. FREDDA: rapid cold brew coffee machine iiC owns patented vacuum technology to make cold brew coffee in 3 minutes. Parameters can be adjusted digitally based on personal preferences and beans. FREDDA is also equipped with IoT connectivity, used to offer recipe push management, remote diagnostics and preventative service for businesses. 3. Connected coffee solution iiC Edge Hub solution can be integrated into existing solutions so businesses can enjoy the benefit of AIoT connectivity to cloud without having to pay huge amount of upfront hardware upgrade cost. 4. AIoT Coffee Cloud Service A SaaS solution which provides access to cloud applications for all equipment makers and coffee shops. We can also provide customized solution and big data analysis, to help differentiate your business from competitions.

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