San Jose, CA, USA

11-50 employees


San Jose, CA, USA

11-50 employees

Software solution provider to help multiplayer games and esports platforms defeat crimes, fraud and toxicity using computer vision and artificial intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence


Privacy and Security


SaaS platform, Online games/MMO, Minimize user churn, Smart player matching, Esports

About Company

GamerSafer offers multiplayer games and Esports platforms an identity management software to defeat fraud, crimes and toxicity. Our Gaming ID verifies and authenticates players in less than one second using computer vision and AI. Games can reduce user churn, increase lifetime value, comply with data privacy regulations, and reduce operational costs with this solution.

Founder’s Story

GamerSafer was founded by a former executive from the gaming industry and a second-time entrepreneur. Together we combine over thirty years of experience in business leadership, product development, and B2B sales. The number of players, social interactions, and time played keep rising, and we saw an urgent need to create a scalable and prevention-driven technology to protect players and support platforms. Our goal is to help game publishers and developers defeat crimes, fraud, and toxicity that hurt their communities and business. One of the core questions we asked ourselves to start this company and design our technology was "How can we stop harmful interactions that take place within games from happening in the first place?" This is the origin of our innovation. Success for us means working with games to safeguard millions of players of all genders, geographies, ethnicities, ages and religions.

Media Headline

We released the first generation of our technology and we are actively engaging with publishers, developers to reshape safety standards for players in multiplayer games. We are also excited to extend our Gaming ID to Esports audiences.

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GamerSafer shields online gaming communities with the latest technology to verify and authenticate player identity.

Maria Tamellini

Co-founder and COO


Rodrigo Tamellini

Co-founder, CEO

Maria Tamellini

Co-founder, COO

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Maria Tamellini