Brigetown, Barbados

1-10 employees


Global Tutoring Hub

Brigetown, Barbados

1-10 employees


Personalized and adaptive learning based on learning styles


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education, adaptive learning, personalized learning, learning platform

About Us

Our focus in on transforming learning and we do this through our online personalized and adaptive learning platform called Podium. Global Tutoring Hub is a Barbadian startup focused on transforming learning in Barbados, the Caribbean and the World. Our aim is simply to make learning delivery more effective though increased user engagement, personalization and adaptability. Our PODIUM online learning platform is an integrated adaptive learning platform that delivers personalized course content and a user experience to match the users specific learning styles. Podium focuses on delivery content for Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, Kinesthetic and Mixed learning styles.

Product Feature


Michael Husbands


Sean Ifill

Head of Smart Content

Silvana Joesph-Husbands

Administrative Coordinator

Dario Thornhill

Head of Platform Delivery and Infrastructure

Press Contact

Michael Husbands