Galanck is committed to developing greater active and sustainable mobility, cyclists’ and associates. The company develops smart fashion accessories. Their first product is Le Galuchon, a backpack connected to a GPS application, to increase cyclists’ safety: visibility, automatic signaling, intuitive guidance system with vibration. The solution thus fulfills three promises: safety (survival), environment (health), and time saving (speed).





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About Us

Le Galuchon is a smart backpack that increases cyclists’ safety, comfort and confidence. It lights up to increase visibility, and it is connected to a GPS mobile app which offers a haptic guidance system (vibrations emitted through shoulder straps) and an automatic signaling system (braking light, turn signals). Its slick, waterproof and ergonomic design goes along with your day, everyday, everywhere. Galanck is a weartech startup, committed to developing greater active and sustainable mobility: cyclists’ and associated.

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Lea Galice