New Taipei City, Taiwan

51-100 employees


New Taipei City, Taiwan

51-100 employees

Intelligent & Caring AIoT Technologies


Artificial Intelligence

Information Technology

Health Care


smart healthcare, indoor positioning, smart sensor, AIoT, environment purification

About Company

Fusion provides AIoT platform with a variety of smart healthcare solutions based on the technology of indoor positioning, wireless communication and smart sensors to help health care customers improve efficiency, monitor air quality, purify environment, and ensure medial staffs and patient’s safety. Fusion is developed by Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc., established in 2001 and had more than 20-years experiences in wireless module, smart devices and smartphone hardware and software design and development. Fusion's smart healthcare solutions include Medical Violence Prevention, Wireless Nurse Call, Smart Equipment Tracking , Environment Quality Monitoring and Purification System, Infant Diaper Care & Positioning, Patient Sensing & Monitoring Systems.

Media Headline

Fusion roll out smart purification system to make people safer from harmful gas and viruses

Products & Services

Fusion's Smart Purification System includes Smart Sensor, Smart Purifier and Management Platform.

Press Fusion Button to transmit an emergency message with in-door positioning information

Fusion Smart Equipment Tracking help manage assets in a smarter and more efficient way


Fusion is enabled by the technology of low-power Bluetooth (BLE), artificial intelligence (AI), Internet-of-Things (IoT) and cloud platform, offering our customers a full range of intelligent services.


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