Lisbon, Portugal

1-10 employees

Fractal Mind

Lisbon, Portugal

1-10 employees

In today's Economy, victories are won on the playing-field of Engagement. We bring the power of Gamification to tip the balance your way.



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ecommerce, retail, gamification, design thinking

About Us

Can you imagine a world where everyone, from corporate employees to consumers and students, is engaged in achieving their common goals? That's where Fractal Mind steps in – for the past 3 years, we’ve been creating a portfolio of gamified solutions customized to each client's challenges, boosting employee engagement, business results, learning objectives and behavioral change, using game mechanics and design techniques to create more engaging experiences.

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Tiago Perdigão

Business Devil & CEO

Manuel Pimenta

Human Experience Sherpa & CXO

Dadid Duarte

Coding Jedi & CTO

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Tiago Perdigão

+351 919 25 18 97

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