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Ready Teddy

Greater Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Easier MRIs For Kids


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We are a team of clinicians and technologists devoted to increasing the accessibility, safety, and efficacy of medical procedures through the use of technology. Our interdisciplinary team has spent as much time in radiology suites as we have in editing bays. We have seen firsthand how inefficient, labor intensive, and frustrating conventional and existing mock MRI solutions can be, so we collaborated to produce the lowest-footprint, highest-impact Mock MRI available.

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Ready Teddy is a VR tool that prepares kids for an MRI. It habituates patients to the sights and sounds of an MRI in a friendly way while providing coping mechanisms to reduce patient anxiety and movement. This increases the likelihood of a successful scan.

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Ready Teddy is launching today.

Ready Teddy makes MRI easier for kids


Ready Teddy helps a patient be still, calm and learn about the procedure. The simulation is time saving, can help reduce the need for sedation. This can improve clinical practice.

Dr. Jeffrey Gold

Professor of Anesthesiology & Pediatrics, USC Keck School of Medicine


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