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The chubby, cute “FoodieG” enjoys hang out with a brunch of his friends via eating, drinking, playing, and fun scenery. 丸くてぽっちゃりで愛くるしい食いしん坊のピヨコ。食べるのが好きな友達と一緒に、「食べる・飲む・遊ぶ・楽しむ」場面で登場します。

Founder’s Story

Animals and delicious food are the illustrator’s favorite creation. However, there is no key character in her earlier design till the day her fans reflect one of the side character “Chicky” looks really lovely. Since this connection, the illustrator starts to develop the story between the Chicky and his eating life, that is how “FoodieG” boom into the creation. Through the illustrations and comics, the illustrator shares her warm, funny and nonsense little stories always. Enjoy the little things happen in life. It shares the moments of joy and healing to everyone. メインキャラクターは食いしん坊のピヨコ、すずめ君、のり君、ぶた君です。 イラストやまんがを通して、くだらなくも温かみのある面白いストーリーをファンに届けています。充実した生活の様々な一コマから、ファンに楽しみと癒しの時間をもたらします。作者が好きなのは動物と美食を描くこと。創作初期の頃はメインキャラクラーは決まっていませんでしたが、ピヨコが丸くてかわいいというファンの声が特に多かったことから、ピヨコのストーリーを増やし始め、「食いしん坊なピヨコ」が誕生しました。

Media Headline

Shows funny, non-sense in every creation. Obvious atmosphere in every scenery with storyline. My comics story makes readers smile.

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“ I hope FoodieG could be seen by more people and anticipate to have successful crossover merchandise with Japan subway and stations , cooperate and have a selling spot in Loft, etc. Hoping FoodieG is going to become well-known and beloved IP by people"



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