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Taipei, Taiwan

Andy Tsai

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Apr 26, 2021

FiO Providing the Key Infrastructure For On-Demand Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - FiO, a leading blockchain layer-3 SaaS startup is introducing its platform at various upcoming blockchain-related events in 2021. Similar to LEGO bricks, companies can easily integrate FiO’s APIs into existing systems and customize it for specific requirements. For business owners and employees who require high-level of accurate, immutable, and transparent on-chain data storage, FiO provides customizable easy-to-implement blockchain applications that are available to users with minimal to zero programming skills. Unlike other blockchain solution providers, FiO users retain full ownership of the data as well as the integration access to their own CRM (customer relationship management) systems. "FiO aims to drive a real commercialization of blockchain in the business world, helping enterprises integrate and manage digital assets and analyze distributed user behavior through blockchain application," said George Chu, CEO and founder of FiO. Successful FiO Blockchain Toolkit Case Studies: - Taiwan Mask System 1.0 for name-based mask rationing plan in Taiwan during Covid-19 - Larry Jewelry NFC and product traceability to ensure authenticated luxury jewelry sales About FiO Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, FiO is a layer 3 SaaS blockchain platform providing tracking and tracing information on blockchains to further manage trust with patent-protected SMART contract technology. Its goal is to help users find and customize powerful yet easy-to-use tools to build blockchain applications. FiO empowers and inspires people to quickly and easily plug APIs to their existing legacy systems without time and cost investments. For more information, please visit Additional Information: Press Kit download: Facebook: LinkedIn: ### Media contact: Andy Tsai Email: